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Lihue and Tue in the native language mean Life and Land. When, in 2001, we created our company, we choose these words that will always remind us of our roots and commitments to the highest values.

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The best way of getting maximum quality product is by controlling every step our production process. Every step from planting to shipping is planned and monitored under a premium quality concept.

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Our Products


Lihue Tue obtains its products from its own farming operations and from associated farmers.
These are carefully selected by their expertise, responsabillity, land and equipment.

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Argentina office

Te.: +54 2477 434346
Fax: +54 2477 434346

Moreno 772
(2700) Pergamino
Buenos Aires

Venezuela office

Te.: +58 2127 936603

Av. Las Acacias con Gran Avenida
Torre Lincol  - Piso 2
Oficina: G. Sabana Grande

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